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Paleo Holiday Cookbook @The Fat-Burning Chef

Paleo Holiday Cookbook

Only a few days left and Christmas will be upon us! Time to stuff our belly with some real and healthy food. Low-carb and Paleo will make sure you don’t have to lose weight after the holidays and feel depressed because you couldn’t control your cravings. The Fat-Burning Chef will be of great help and provide you with tons of great tasting recipes, but hurry, The Fat-Burning Chef holiday sale is ending soon!

Abel James, known for hosting the award-winning #1 Rated Fat-Burning Man Show helped folks to improve their relationship with food, activity, and life. He circumvented marketing myths, misinformation, and corporate scheming and showed that by eating real foods and engaging in effective, science-backed training you can get lean, healthy, and energetic.

Through his podcastFat-Burning Chef, Paleo, Low-Carb, Diet, Holiday, books, and coaching, he is dedicated to helping others optimize their health and reach their ultimate potential by being their own guru. I was on that same spot many years ago and rigorously changed my life(style) and thus improving quality of life. For me a low-carb diet, deleting all dairy products and fitness did the job. I lost more than 40 pounds and I feel energetic ever since.

Fat-Burning Chef, Paleo, Low-Carb, Diet, HolidayMy friends always ask me how I do it and how I endure. It’s not that
hard actually. It’s like eating a sandwich without the bread, meaning you can eat the most delicious part with a damn good excuse for doing that. What I am trying to say is that are so many good products you can eat and they are delicious too. So no holding back and counting calories anymore!

I am a big fan of Abel and read his blogs and listen to his podcasts when I am driving to work. He has great guests on his podcast and gets me focused on eating the right things and becoming the best bee I can be. And now he has this beautifully designed digital cookbook with over 150+ mouth-watering recipes from the top kitchens in Paleo. I tried several of them and they are absolutely fabulous. Even after all these years I have still found some meals that have become my favorites. So now you too can plan your entire holiday feast with a few simple clicks.

You will get the Paleo Holiday cookbook FREE when you buy The Fat-Burning Chef.

Fat-Burning Chef, Paleo, Low-Carb, Diet, Holiday

Edit 01/24/2016

The free Paleo Holiday Cookbook is no longer available, but the package is still GREAT and comes with a couple of bonuses!

99designs – create your logo

99designs create logo designers worldwide


I used 99designs to get me that one logo that says it all. Bee Free Life(style) has become a huge fan because the possibilties are endless. It’s fun to do, the designs are great and it will cost you hardly any time. Great creative designers around the world compete to give you that personal logo you are going to love (at least I did). And besides that, it comes with a money back guarantee if the designs don’t meet your expectations. What’s there not to like…

A new stage in life…


Born from that tiny egg and growing into this magnificent little animal. That’s how I feel right now. My first blog on my first real website and hopefully more to come.

First of all, why this blog? And what will I be posting?

Everything that contributes to a free meaningful life with no limitations. Content that will make you explore life a little bit more and feeds the urge to push yourself to excell. I will post on many different subjects and it will always be with a smile, extremely interesting and nutricous food for thought. It can be health, books, people I admire, spirituality, cool stuff, other blogs or just funny shit.

Join the flight and inspire me my friends!

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